There are certain vehicles that remain a breeze to operate. This spans the spectrum of ownership, from fuel efficiency to maintenance. And as a used vehicle dealership, we wish to extend our proven opinions on which vehicles are the cheapest to own and maintain near Carrollton.

At Autos of Texas, we're proud to serve the greater Plano area the very best in used vehicles.

Our Selection of the Cheapest, Used Vehicles to Maintain Outside Tyler

You might recognize our selection of the cheapest used vehicles to maintain given their popularity. As such, there's the ability to accrue mileage well beyond what's normally earned by a hulking SUV.

And given smaller dimensions and systems comprising, maintenance is confined to the finer details of a powertrain lighter in weight.

Though, with all these characteristics, the way you drive will also contribute to fuel efficiency and servicing thereafter.

Kelley Blue Book -- The Standard in Industry Reporting

With our reliance on Kelley Blue Book (KBB) reporting, we've compiled a list of the cheapest, used vehicles to maintain – from cheapest, down the line:

  1. Nissan Versa provides gas mileage comprising 40 mpg when traveling highways past Jacksonville. And the average five-year, cost-to-own is an estimated $28,000.
  2. Chevrolet Spark will earn 31 mpg within Dallas-Fort Worth, with an estimated cost-to-own over five years dialed in at $28,500.
  3. Toyota Corolla delivers 42 mpg on Texas highways outside Arlington for an estimated five-year, cost-to-own averaged to $30,300.
  4. Honda Civic is deserving of 31 mpg within city grids leading to an estimated $31,200 for five years of ownership.
  5. Toyota Camry will provide up to 35 mpg on highways while limiting the five-year, cost of ownership to an estimated $35,700.
  6. Honda Accord extends 27 mpg for traversing through Plano. The estimated cost of ownership for a duration of five years stands at $35,900.
  7. Chevrolet Impala lends 31 mpg on highways and an estimated cost of $45,500 spanning five years of ownership.
  8. Dodge Charger extends 19 mpg through Tyler with the estimate of $48,300 spent over five years of ownership.

With the above detailed, it's often our inventory features these vehicles in droves.

Though with any vehicle driven off the Autos of Texas lot, you may extend the life of your newly acquired, used vehicle by doing simple things.

How can I enhance the longevity of my used vehicle to save money in the long run?

There are several, simple methods to enhance vehicular well-being. And as a trusted used-vehicle dealership, we wish to provide a small sampling of "hacks" extending the performance and life of your used vehicle:

  • When traveling highways past Carrollton, always do so with your windows closed.
  • Frequent oil changes, brake-system inspections and tire rotations provide the necessary means for elevated performance and safety, too.
  • Whenever something seems amiss or just not right when driving, get it checked out, inspected and diagnosed for quick remediation.
  • Be mindful of those systems requiring fresh, full levels of fluids. Included in this are steering, transmission, brakes and wipers.
  • When coming up to a red light or stop sign, let your car slow naturally by taking your foot off the accelerator.

When taken in total, the details above will prove advantageous and beneficial for complete, cost-effectiveness.

Autos of Texas – Offering the Cheapest, Used Vehicles to Maintain Near Arlington, TX

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