As the seasons change and we make the transition to colder temperatures, it’s a good time to start getting your car, truck or SUV ready for autumn. At Autos of Texas in Carrollton and Tyler, TX, we know how important that is. We offer outstanding used vehicles from a variety of great brands like Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Toyota, Land Rover and more. For all our valued present and future customers, here’s how to get your vehicle ready for fall.

Fall tip #1: Check the condition of your tires

While Texas doesn’t usually face much snow, autumn can bring some rain. Roads around Tyler can be more hazardous than at other seasons of the year. It’s a good time to have an automotive technician you trust check your tires to make sure you have enough tread depth. He can tell you if your tires are in good enough condition to keep you and your family safe as we move through fall and winter. If you need new tires, don’t put it off.

Fall tip #2: Make sure you know how to de-fog your windows

Have you ever been driving along and discovered that your windshield is fogging over and you have trouble getting the fog to clear? Sometimes just turning on the windshield wipers can solve it but sometimes not. The temperature doesn’t have to be that cold: Just the right mix of cooler fall air plus Texas humidity with the windows rolled up can be enough to get your windshield fogged over. Visibility can become dangerously limited.

When that happens, other risks occur. You can be driving while you try to find the right defrost controls. The windshield is foggy, you’re distracted and you’re still moving down the highway but not watching the road. That can be dangerous. Take time now to ask a technician who’s knowledgeable about your make and model to show you how to defrost your windshield. Getting that cleared up now can help keep you safer through the fall.

Fall tip #3: Check your battery

A battery is at its best when it’s fully-charged, but many batteries fall well below that mark. Your battery can gradually lose power if you don’t drive your vehicle as much as you used to. On colder fall days, starting your car can get tougher. Take your car to a technician you trust and have him check the battery. He can clean corrosion off your cables and terminals because that can shorten battery life. If you need a new battery, now’s the time.

Fall tip #4: Replace worn wiper blades

It’s easy to forget about your wiper blades when you go through a Texas summer without much rain. But when rain starts to pour down in the fall, you might suddenly discover your wiper blades don’t work very well. In a sudden fall rainstorm, bad wiper blades and poor visibility can be a real safety risk. Have your favorite repair shop check the condition of your wiper blades and replace them if needed. It’s a small investment with a big payoff.

Fall tip #5: Check fluid levels before you go on the road

Your windshield wiper fluid levels should be kept full to keep your windshield clear of rain and debris in fall thunderstorms. Even though Texas temperatures are usually moderate in the fall, you want enough clean coolant in the radiator to keep your engine from overheating in fall and winter. Take time to weather-proof your car whether you live in Carrollton, Plano or Tyler, TX and ask us for more maintenance ideas at Autos of Texas.

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