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When Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

No matter the oil your vehicle takes, it is important to regularly schedule oil change service to keep performing at your peak potential in Texas and beyond. At Autos of Texas, we are here to keep you going for the long term, whether your vehicle needs a quick oil change or a more significant repair. Read on to learn more about when to get your oil changed and how to recognize when it is time for service.

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The roads are ready for fall: Is your car?

As the seasons change and we make the transition to colder temperatures, it’s a good time to start getting your car, truck or SUV ready for autumn. At Autos of Texas in Carrollton and Tyler, TX, we know how important that is. We offer outstanding used vehicles from a variety of great brands like Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Toyota, Land Rover and more. For all our valued present and future customers, here’s how to get your vehicle ready for fall.

Fall tip #1: Check the condition of your tires

While Texas doesn’t usually face much snow, autumn can…

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The Cheapest, Used Vehicles to Maintain Near Carrollton, TX

There are certain vehicles that remain a breeze to operate. This spans the spectrum of ownership, from fuel efficiency to maintenance. And as a used vehicle dealership, we wish to extend our proven opinions on which vehicles are the cheapest to own and maintain near Carrollton.

At Autos of Texas, we're proud to serve the greater Plano area the very best in used vehicles.

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