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If you are shopping for an affordable SUV, a used Jeep should be on your list. Jeep has a history of manufacturing exceptionally reliable and rugged SUVs to suit your off-roading adventures in the Plano area. Some of the available used models you'll find at Autos of Texas include Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Compass Limited.

Unique Design

A remarkable trait in most Jeep models is the exterior styling. If you enjoy standing out and turning heads as you drive by, then buy a Jeep. A Jeep model's design is with perfection in mind, from its trademark grille to a classic rugged body.

The off-road models have a mean look that suits their purpose in getting you across the most demanding roads. They also have a convertible option available in most SUVs to better your driving experience, allowing you to take in the fresh air on your drives around the Arlington area.


When you buy a used Jeep Wrangler or Grand Cherokee, you'll be getting a serious off-road and on-road vehicle at thousands less than the new models. At a fraction of the price of a new one, you will enjoy similar features but with lower depreciation rates meaning it will keep its value for more extended periods.

Plus, OEM parts are readily available, leading to a reduced price, making maintenance cheaper and easier.


Jeep has a wide range of models to suit your specific needs, including luxury models and off-road models. Depending on your taste, they are also available in various trim levels and different engine sizes, making them suitable for a broader market. Additionally, many Jeep models are available with hybrid powertrains.

Latest Features

Jeep models are family-friendly with a host of features to make your family trips comfortable, smooth, and safe. Automatic climate control, a cruise control feature, and an android stereo are some of the features that will improve the comfort of your family drive. The safety ratings on jeep models are high, with collision control systems and curtain airbags are notable features in various models.

Towing Capacity

If you enjoy hauling a trailer along in your weekend adventures, then you should consider buying a used Jeep. Many Jeep models have excellent towing capacity, allowing you to tow a trailer with your extra luggage for camping in the Jacksonville area. You can also pull along your boat for more fun on your get-away.


Jeep's design allows them to last for years while serving you through the most challenging terrains in the Fort Worth area. Unlike their competitors, Jeep models will withstand rugged landscapes with minimal breakdowns, making them a dependable off-road car and daily driver. The Jeep Wrangler, for example, is famous worldwide for being solid and capable during the most brutal expeditions.


For off-road lovers, you can customize your Jeep model's appearance by adding accessories that are available throughout the Dallas area. Thus, you can increase tire size for rocky terrain or add LED lights to your SUV for expeditions that need them.

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We've got a great selection of used Jeep SUVs for sale at prices you're sure to love. To learn more about our current inventory and used vehicle specials, browse through our page or contact us today. At Autos of Texas, we accept trade-ins and offer financing on our used models. Visit our showrooms in Carrollton and Tyler to test drive any of our available models.

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